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GAME ON for the NFL

The ink is all but dry on a mutually agreeable CBA. DeMaurice done did it.

Now if James Harrison doesn't drop his pants and piss all over Roger Goodell, we might actually see some NFL preseason football as soon as August 10th.

Will it look like a tethered Laotian prostitute humping a football?


Why am I spacing these paragraphs like the homeschooled adoptee of Kirk Bohls and John Lopez?

According to the MortenSchefter on ESPN, the owners are meeting over the next few hours to sign off on their portion and the Fightin' DeMauricois will sign the deal this afternoon. Players will start showing up to practice facilities as soon as Wednesday and as late as Sunday, staggered to meet some inane requirement that players be with the team at least 14 days before the first preseason games begin. That might have been Adam Schefter just making up shit on live TV. It sounded weird. Players have held out for an entire pre-season only to show up for the first game and waltz on the field after sitting out the first quarter. (Darrelle Revis was vacationing on Revis Island and was not available for comment.)

The free agent auctioneering that ensues later today should be quality entertainment. We may have to liveblog the Nnamdi Asomugha Sweeptstakes.

Anyway, your five month respite from anything remotely resembling FOOTBALL is nearly over.

Golf, soccer, cycling, rugby, badminton, noodling, volleyball, Xtreme Mountainbiking, charity skydiving ... you are all dead to me.

Let the real bread & circus resume.

Patrick Willis thinks you're a pussy.