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It's Bond. Jaylen Bond.

Athletic Philadelphia 2011 forward Jaylen Bond just committed to the University of Texas basketball team.

We need him badly. He should help to shore up a deficient front court.

Bond was a Pitt commit slated for an additional year of prep school but after looking at depth charts (namely, we have none) and listening to Rick's pitch, changed his mind about the Panthers and will be a Longhorn.

Jaylen Bond goes about 6-7, 220 and he's an extremely athletic leaper and offensive rebounding presence with a burgeoning perimeter game. He's raw, very physical, and occasionally volatile. He doesn't have ideal size inside but his strength and length should compensate and he's athletic enough to take a big 4 outside.

These clips give you some idea of his athleticism:


Welcome to Texas, Commander Bond. Our equipment manager will be a legend if he'll issue him a 007 uni.