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Attrition Season is Here

Per the Texas SID, the following players will not play in 2011:

Soph. TE Trey Graham
Sr. special teamer Malcolm Williams
Jr. WR Brock Fitzhenry
Soph. LB Patrick Nkwopara

In this case, attrition can be a good thing. The only loss here really is Malcolm's presence on special teams. He was getting passed up on the WR depth chart anyway and has been unable to focus on football due to personal issues for the better part of a year now. Hopefully things work out for him.

This is where we make fun of Scipio for predicting that Patrick Nkwopara would be all conference by his Junior year. It was a private conversation but trust me, he said it. Or maybe that was Patrick Peterson...

News broke on the Cosm earlier in the week about the former Giddings dynamo moving on, so this announcement comes as no surprise.

We now have up some freed up schollies to pursue Corey Coleman and/or Kendall Sanders. We're already well in the mix for some OOS studs but this lets the staff chase some in-state late bloomers or offer guys that should have earned one back in the spring evaluation period.

Trey Graham has battled injuries and we really never knew what we had there except an awesome red jewfro. Usually a sign of upside in a TE but only the Gods know ...

Who else would you go after in state?