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This is a blog. On a blog people are supposed to blog things. Nobody has blogged anything today. You, the reader, deserve more. Scipio is working on his kickers position preview, I think, so watch for that.

In the meantime here's some stuff for you to check out.

The Sooners are going all Māori on us. Pre-practice Haka. No truth the to rumor Greg Davis used to warm our guys with a Michael Flatley routine. Also, be sure to see Once Were Warriors if you haven't. Jango Fett is in it. (h/t: CCMachine)

Iowa simply will not have people stealing their intellectual property. They took on Southern Miss in in a trademark infringement battle. Southern Miss in attempting to persuade the judges of the vast differences between the two logos argued:

"...that its new eagle head is more complex, having the "fierce eyed gaze of independence" and the "black peak of the beak" to create a "symbol of courage and power, reminiscent of Roman soldiers ... going into battle [with] a crimson banner with a golden eagle emblazoned on the banner."

That is so awesome I don't know where to start. Irresepctive of where you come down on this bird head case, I think we all agree that Iowa State is the trailblazer in logo design.

Lastly, the hypnotic Longhorn Recruiting Television Tractor Beam has made public some new programming announcements.

Longhorn Network - the new 24-hour University of Texas channel - continues to assemble a robust slate of programs for UT fans. Launching Friday, Aug. 26, the network will televise live athletics competitions as well as academic- and cultural-themed shows. Several new programs added to the schedule for September and beyond:

• Longhorn Legends – A roundtable discussion featuring coach Mack Brown and the three biggest stars of his Texas tenure: Ricky Williams, Vince Young and Colt McCoy.

• The Season: 2005 Texas Longhorns – A look back at the magical season that began with lofty expectations and culminated in a Rose Bowl triumph over USCvacated and the 4th national championship in UT history.

• Texas’ Greatest Games – A countdown of the 10 best games in Longhorns football history, as selected by a blue ribbon panel of writers, former coaches & athletes.

• Texas’ Greatest Athletes – A countdown of the greatest athletes across all sports in UT history as selected by a blue ribbon panel of writers, former coaches & athletes.

• Traditions – A look at the history of some of the unique traditions of the University of Texas, including Bevo, Big Bertha, Smokey the Cannon, the World’s Largest Texas Flag and the Hook ‘em Horns hand sign.

Blue ribbon panel of writers? Waiting on our invite, Bellmont. This ribbon - is it like a literal thing? Do I need to apologize to Bill Little?

Top 10 games. Let's see your list. Also, top 10 athletes in UT history. Let's see that list too.