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Texas Basketball Gets 2012 Point Guard Javan Felix

The Longhorns got a commitment from New Orleans 2012 point guard Javan Felix. I like this take and wanted to expand on Vasherized's mention.

Felix gives us quality point guard insurance down the road post-Kabongo with the ability to grow into a quality starter. Felix's best attributes are mental - he's a winner (led St Augustine to the state title as a junior), extremely competitive, mentally tough, he's on the rise (impressed at the Adidas Super 64 camp in Vegas and NBA Top 100 in Indy), and he's a good student from a two parent home. Loves to distribute, good leadership, and physically strong.

He's doesn't have great length (5-11, 185) but he's powerfully built and can finish in traffic, though he defines his game by creation for others. He's a natural point guard and that what's he played his first two years on varsity, but St Augustine needed scoring last year and played him at 2. That proved to be good for his jump shot and it has gone from deficient to above average.

This is the kind of kid that we want mixed in with Barnes' lottery babies to give the program continuity and a core infrastructure. Some might be concerned that this take means we lose out on Houston point guard LJ Rose, but Barnes chose his horse. Presumably for a reason. I'm loathe to compare any young guy to a phenomenal player like DJ Augustin, but the physical, geographical, and mental similarities and how they were regarded at similar stages in their careers offers undeniable parallels.