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Tuesday Sundry

With an assist from DJ Augustin, Rick Barnes picked up another commitment for 2012 in New Orleans PG Javan Felix.

"Me and D.J. have had a close relationship since I've been in high school," Felix said. "He told me that Coach Barnes would never play games with me; he'll always tell me how it is and he'd never lie to me. Through this process he never lied to me one time. With recruiting and how it is, that's a big thing for me. D.J. told me that coach would be like another father and that's what I was looking for."

The 5'11 185 lb PG was the 5A district MVP his senior year at St. Augustine High, leading his team to a state title. Highlights should surface soon but for now just imagine he's got TJ's handles, DJ's step back jumper, Royal Ivey's perimeter defense, and Jai Lucas' innate charm. At 3 stars, he sounds underrated.

Texas safety Christian Scott was arrested yesterday outside his north Austin apartment on charges of first degree misdemeanor assault after attempts to convince an APD boot man locking up his wheel that he really was going to pay those outstanding tickets this week ultimately failed. Things may have gotten physical. Blake Gideon arrived late to help out after Scott had already left the scene.

After meeting with Christian and his family, Mack Brown suspended Scott until the legal process is completed.

Reading into the Family Matter Tea Leaves, Christian will likely be suspended for Rice and return to the team for BYU backing up Kenny Vaccaro, the most important player on this defense not named Kheeston Rhandall. When I first heard that a Longhorn safety was arrested, I didn't think it would be Scott. Not much to see here other than a few Fulmer Cup points.

Someone smarter than you or me in the ways of contract law has opined on the Midnight Yell LHN exposé .

She sounds unsympathetic to the Aggie spittle & froth. And no, she didn't attend UT.

The bottom line is that Texas has every right to contract away its third tier rights. As does Texas A&M, Texas Tech and all the other members of the conference. If you’re a school that doesn’t like the advantage Texas has by having its own network? Go get your own. Wait, that’s right…not everyone can do it. Not everyone can become a lawyer either. Should we just hand bar licenses out to everyone to make things fair and equal? This is what I call an “uncomfortable truth” in college football. Watch out for more of them in my upcoming book, Saturday Millionaires: why college athletes will never be paid and other uncomfortable truths about the business of college football.

Eligible bachelorette, imo.