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2010 Adjusted Stats and More

As mentioned about a month ago, a large amount of data on previous season was recently made available, which allowed me to run my stat adjustments on all seasons beginning in 2000.

The results are available online here, and using those historical results as well as completing last season's work allowed me to complete my 2010 Adjusted Stats Year in Review.

Also available via the adjusted stats link above are historical ratings for all teams going back to 1869. Please note that there are multiple ratings representing multiple rating theories available. While I consider EWP my best rating method at this point, no computer rating can or should claim to definitively determine the best team. Computer ratings offer an objective calculation of the teams' performances and can be an essential part of an argument regarding best teams. When using them for historical comparison purposes, you need to truly understand the rating you're looking at as well as its limitations. EWP, while very valid, does not do as good a job allowing for the differences in the college football landscape in the first half of the 20th Century. For that reason I added a date range tool for use when reviewing those ratings. I also have added a normalized EWP stat to somewhat mitigate the differences between eras. That gives just one more rating tool for comparison.

Additionally, I have touched base with Bill at Football Study Hall and we've bounced a few ideas off each other and I'm excited about where college football stats may be headed in the near future.