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A League Of Their Own

Sometimes siblings need to try and make it on their own.

Especially the runt – the smaller, less talented, less desired, whinier of the two. Sometimes they’ve got to try something new, on their own, where their success, whatever it might be, is not earned on the coattails of family.

Texas has always treated A&M like family. Not all families are proud of all of their members. Sometimes families are deeply embarrassed by one of their own. You love them anyway. Yes, it is possible to strongly dislike someone and love them at the same time.

Aggies are Texans, so they are family. You often compete within families, and sometimes you’ve got to keep one of your own in their rightful place, for the good of the family. And sometimes, you’ve got to let them go and wish them the best.

When this whole conference realignment chaos began 18 months ago, Texas never once contemplated making a move without A&M in tow. The Longhorns were going to protect the Aggies, as the parental authorities in the state capitol would have it no other way. The conference recruiters made their pitch, and they wanted Texas.

Dottie Gets Recruited

Texas did the right thing to protect its family – even the illegitimate sibling in Waco and the conference squatters in Kansas and Iowa. Texas kept the peace, and then took the opportunity get a bigger piece from the adoring ESPN.

This did not set well with the Aggies, and this is understandable. First, they only get 1/3 of the Permanent University Fund, while Texas gets 2/3. Second, College Station will never compete with Austin unless you’re just into the rural scene. And now this. They’ve been dominated for 100 years, and the stage is set to be dominated for 100 more.

Would you accept this? Why? Because security is better than adventure?

I wouldn’t.

Let’s be happy for the Aggies should they choose to run the gauntlet of the SEC. I hope they do well.

Success in the SEC for the Aggies would honor Texas high school football. There’s plenty of talent in Texas, and there will always be enough blue chips that we can’t stock away on an 85-man roster. In recent years, OU and A&M have done fairly well with recruits Texas chose not to recruit. Ultimately, success on the field comes down to coaching and player development. Nobody will be able to outspend Texas for coaching talent.

I would like to see Texas play the Aggies every year, in every sport, and develop a new chapter in the rivalry that provides end-of-season dramatics without risking conference honors. This formula works well for Florida/FSU, Georgia/GTech, and ND/USC. Who cares if the Aggies compete in a stronger conference? Texas will still have larger budgets, win more games, and compete more often for national championships.

In conclusion, Horns fans, let’s wish our Aggie friends well and stay classy. Let’s not be this guy…