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ESPN Has Our Back

Well, that didn't take long.

Faced with Texas A&M bolting the Big 12 for the SEC, the mothership has reacted like a momma bear protecting her cubs.

A couple of heavy hitters, Andy Katz and Pat Forde essentially called out the Aggies for bringing College Athletics to the brink of chaos all because of hurt feelings and greed.

Katz, ESPN's lead college basketball reporter, takes the Aggies to task in the embedded video for having a bruised ego and not having enough foresight to see what havoc they will wreck. But Forde gets a couple of shots in as well.

He writes: On Wednesday in Indianapolis, a collection of university presidents, conference commissioners and NCAA administrators hailed a return to sanity in college sports.

Then he adds, On Monday in College Station,Texas, a school that hasn't been a top-10 football program in 17 years could do something that basically mocks the optimistic outlook in Indy. And in the process Texas A&M could shove the entire nation into another round of mercenary mergers and acquisitions.

But Pat isn't finished using the Aggies as a pinata.

Hard to believe a program that is a whopping three games over .500 in the past nine football seasons could decide the future of an entire nation, but that may be where we're headed.

Then he sums it up by pointing out that A&M just might be cutting off its nose to spite its face because, as he puts it, Texas A&M has less chance of achieving kingpin status in the SEC than in the Big 12. That's not even debatable. What's gained in autonomy could be sacrificed in glory. Put it this way: Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Baylor don't play in the SEC.

The BOMC is in full bloom.