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Tuesday Practice Report From The Asset

He's emboldened. He's refreshed. The Asset gives you the goods.

As always, the first position mentioned in this practice report is the quarterbacks. The definitive word from the Asset goes as such, "They all look shitty."

Okay, but differentiate between Case, Ash, Gilbert, and Wood.

"Yeah, they all looked bad. The defense blitzed from all angles and the result was absolute confusion. Manny Diaz brought five, six, and seven guys and the QB’s and OL’s struggled. Ash had a couple of nice scrambles but the other three were sitting ducks and got thumped."

Well, what of the QB competition, my man? "Ash and Chase did a little bit, but for the most part every QB sucked. I'd still say Ash gives you the best chance to win but we'll need to help him out in protection."

So it sounds like the coaches are doing a trial by fire?

"Yes, Acho, Robinson, Hicks, and Cobbs all blitzed multiple times and confused the Oline. The Oline failed to pick up the blitz. The ones were Allen, Hopkins, Espinosa, Snow, Walters. The twists and stunts confused the boys for the most part. It was almost like Mack wanted to place maximum pressure on the offense to see what he has."—the Asset.

It’s also important to note the Oline was back to normal today. Not much Hopkins at RT or Walters at RG. Good news if you ask me.

We’re told the running backs on the first team were Fozzy, Bergeron, and Malcolm Brown. The Asset tells us that Brown had three runs of seven or eight yards against the first team defense displaying some wiggle and power. Brown looks completely healthy and should compete for snaps early in the season. In fact, those coaches close to the action were shocked by Brown’s shiftiness in scrimmage work as was our source. "He just hit the line, made a jump cut and exploded through the hole. He looks the part of starting tailback."

Offensively, the formations today were mostly one back with three WR’s, and one tight end. The three wideouts were Davis, White, and Shipley. Shipley and White had good days, while Davis was plagued by the dropsies. Surprisingly Davis was the culprit and it seems to be getting in his head.

Onyegbule and Harris are tremendous looking freshman that made plays on the first team. We’re told our staff is high on both of these young men.

The tight ends were Dom Jones and DJ Grant with Grant having a better day. The coaches are giddy at Grant’s surprising production as he’s able to control the area between the hashes. If he can be a credible blocker he’s the immediate future for the position.

Defensively, Manny Diaz stunted, blitzed, and witched like he hasn’t done all of fall camp. The Asset thinks this is by design to get a better gauge on McCoy and Ash as signal callers. Jeebus did it work. The QB’s and Oline were flummoxed today.

Your DB’s in this practice were Diggs and Byndom backed by Gideon and Phillips. These cats played well, we’re told, and if today is any indication don’t be surprised if your nickel goes Byndom, Diggs, Phillips, Vaccaro, and Gideon. Thompson also had some beastly plays as a second string FS. He's Nathan Vasher if you ask Duane Akina.

As far as the strength of the team, look no further than LB. Steve Edmond hits like a mack truck and did so today. Benson and Jackson contributed some plays as well. Demarco Cobbs was the best LB edge rusher in scrimmage work and gave the offense fits. He'll play on Saturdays and Sundays as well in the near future. It's important to note that this is the best, deepest, and most talented linebacker unit in the Mack Brown era. They're filthy.

The defensive line continues to prove it may be the best in conference as Randall and Okafor dominated play in pass rush. Calvin Howell played solid as well, and Desmond Jackson continues to show he’s an interior pass rushing phenom. There’s not a front 7 in the conference that will generate as much pressure as these kids—especially in Diaz’s scheme. Bank on it.

As for the next practice report--bank on it and stay tuned.

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