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Texas Football Roster Weight Updates

The fog is getting thicker. And Leon is getting laaaaarger.

Of interest:

Quandre Diggs 5-10, 200

He's a rock. One of the most college ready freshmen in UT history. I'm sticking with my Derrick Strait comparison.

Cedric Reed 6-6, 255

+25 pounds since his senior year. East Texas kids respond to training tables and weight rooms.

Chris Whaley 6-3, 280

DT. Great position for him. He has Meltoned ahead of schedule.

Taylor Bible 6-3, 315

He's not 6-3, but he is down 35 pounds.

Greg Daniels 6-5, 280

He's a hoss. Be patient. Might be the next Kheeston.

Chet Moss 6-2, 242

Steve Edmond sent him to FB, but he put on 12 on the way.

Emmanuel Acho 6-2, 245

The Last Acho is all growz up. -sobs -

DeMarco Cobbs 6-2, 215

Already in our two deep at LB, will be a fixture on special teams. +15 since arriving here. Baller.

Steve Edmond 6-3, 255

We haven't had a MLB like him in a really long time. Despite size, he's very agile. Needs to keep his weight under 260.

Jordan Hicks 6-2, 235, Keenan Robinson 6-3, 240

Starting LBs go 235, 240, 245.

Dravannti Johnson 6-2, 255

Put on 15 to play true DE.

Trey Hopkins 6-4, 298

Filling out nicely.

Mason Walters 6-6, 315

Mason is a very large animal.

Sedrick Flowers 6-3, 310

Already put on 20. You keep it around 310, big fella.

Garrett Greenlea 6-7, 295

Greenlea practiced today. He has an extremely bright future despite his setbacks. Write it down.

Luke Poehlmann 6-7, 295

Big skinny is finally putting on weight, but that hasn't changed the depth chart.

David Ash 6-3, 222

Not built like a college freshman QB. Ash is physically ready for major college football. Best athlete of the QB group.

Joe Bergeron 6-1, 235

The most versatile back at Texas is demanding the ball and already a grown-ass man. #24 soon to be a fan favorite.

Malcolm Brown 6-0, 217

Really happy how in shape he is. He could carry 240, but he'll lose what makes him special if we allow it.

Traylon Shead 6-2 225

Bergeron 235, Brown 217, Shead 225, Johnson 252. We have some size at RB. Not exactly Newton, Whittaker, McGee, Monroe is it?

John Harris 6-3, 211

Our #4 WR presents a big target. Very Sloan Thomasy.

Miles Onyegbule 6-4, 216

On-yay is John Harris' brother from another mother. As with Harris, senior year option QB conversion is a + for athleticism.

Jaxon Shipley 6-1, 190

Really worked hard to add good weight.