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Announcement: They're Back.

After a one year hiatus, the team-by-team Big 12 State of the Union football previews are returning to Barking Carnival.

It's uncanny that we sensed we were going 5-7 last year and demurred, isn't it? Never mind. We can go 0-12 and will still mock our neighbors.

They start dropping late tonight/early tomorrow and we'll run 1-2 a day until the start of Rice game week. If you're unfamiliar with the State of the Union, they're one part preview, one part satire, two parts analysis, two parts mockery. Add lemon shaving and shake.

Start pondering the Twitters and Facebooks of rivals you'd like to blow up now, though those with a funny bone tend to enjoy them.

And, of course, they're always good to post on a message board if you enjoy seeing bugs pour out from craters like Starship Troopers.

A Sooner Fan can be viciously mocked and still remain 86% operable. Shoot for his Toby Keith CDs and put him down for good. Would you like to know more?