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Monday Practice Report From the Asset

You can’t be the original home of Practice Report if you don’t continue to provide practice reports. Once again, that dude with the cutesy name, the Asset, has you covered, undaunted by Bellmont’s Leninist effort to keep information from the Proletariat. Here at Barking Carnival we’re big believers in giving a giant middle finger to Bolsheviks—and Sooners. But more on that tomorrow morning. For now, burn your Che Guevara tee-shirts (metaphorically if you’re a hipster of course) and bask in the freedom that is practice report. The Asset is your Thomas Jefferson.

Every good capitalist likes him some quarterback play, so let’s start there. Word we get from our guy inside is that Gilbert had another really good day. He’s found his niche and a lot of that has to do with that supporting actor known as the running game. There’s a funny thing happening in the trenches and it bodes well for the democratic theory of play action, scoreboards, and Longhorn success. Today we heard that Gilbert parlayed a solid rushing attack into bigger windows leading to accurate throws and further solidified his hold on the number 1 position on the depth chart. The Asset tells us that is two great practices in a row with some of it coming against the ones on defense.

David Ash had the second best day and he clearly outplayed Case McCoy. Ash is a special talent but he still flashes youth from drive to drive. We’re told Ash made some unreal throws in the teeth of pressure, pulled down and scrambled for what would have been big gainers, but still made the occasional error in judgment. If today was any indication, however, he’s still your number two guy and ran a package of plays that didn’t resemble the other QB’s. File that away.

Case McCoy still does well in check downs, but it looked like he was pressing today. Gamblers call this chasing their losses, and Case attempted some throws that he simply can’t make physically. His skillset is predicated on making the correct read instead of throwing receivers open. He didn’t do that today we’re told.

I received no mention of Connor Wood good or bad.

As for the Oline, they continue to play at a high level, especially in the run game. Trey Hopkins received all kinds of kudos from the Asset and Stacey Searels today. He’s the only Olineman who can slow down Alex Okafor. In fact, the word is that for the first time in August camp Hopkins won more battles than he lost against the stud junior DE. On the whole, the offensive lineman got the better of the first string defense today we're told. They’re the major reason the offense won this particular practice. Across the board it was Allen, Snow, Espinosa, Walters, and Hopkins. Other places are reporting Hopkins is moving inside but that wasn’t the case today. He was a big winner today in the trenches at OT and Hopkins is probably the offensive line’s best player overall.

The triumvirate of starting running backs all had good days thanks to the Oline. Fozzy displayed good vision along with some damage in the passing game. Joe Bergeron continues to show good vision and plus feet, while being a load to bring down. But out of the three Malcolm Brown had the best day. He looks healthy when compared to his performance even in the last scrimmage, the Asset tells us. He had several long runs against the one and two’s on Monday, displaying a lethal combination of vision, patience, and burst. He’s the real deal the Asset tells us—he’s special.

Cody Johnson continues to audition for the NFL as a fullback showing well as a credible lead blocker and pass catcher. Applewhite is telling him if Ahmad Hall can play in the League, CJ can as well.

The wideouts had a solid day today. Mike Davis did some things as did Darius White. Keep an eye on John Harris the Asset tells us. He may be the physical chain mover the Horns are looking for as a possession type. As for Shipley, he did some things that will wow you but we can’t mention specific plays. Just know that the kid’s electric with the ball in his hands. Jesus thinks he’s a young Lance Alworth—no racist and sorry for the third person.

The tight ends had a quiet day in the passing game and some of that has to do with the play of the LBs. More on that in a minute. In the running game as blockers they all showed pretty well.

On the defensive line, the scheme is giving the front four fits but Diaz continues to play base without a lot of gaming on the line of scrimmage. Is it by design? We’re not sure. Okafor was stalemated by Hopkins today, but Jeffcoat made some plays on the other side when he wasn’t chipped. Allen might struggle in pass pro but he gives really good effort and there are some things the Horns can do to accentuate his ability to be a mauler in the run game while hiding his deficiencies as a pass protector. Draws, traps, max protect, and chips are all being run to help that side according to the Asset.

As for the linebackers, it was an uphill battle against the run, but again, the front seven wasn’t as active as it’s been. The remarkable part is Demarco Cobbs and Keenan Robinson in coverage. Both kids blanketed Longhorn TE’s in pass coverage, especially Cobbs. Demarco ran stride for stride with the likes of Grant and Irby in man coverage. Cobbs is truly dynamic at the position.

In the defensive backfield the only notable participants were Quandre Diggs and Adrian Phillips. Quandre had a stellar day in coverage and run support while Phillips was all over the field from nickel to safety to a CB making plays.

As always, stay tuned for more practice reports at Barking Carnival.

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