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Tuesday Practice Report From The Asset

The Asset delivers once again, albeit a much smaller helping of information than the last dozen reports. Hell, it was shells today so there wasn’t much honest to goodness football information to be gleaned anyway.

The quarterback situation seems pretty locked down, especially after the last two practices plus the scrimmage performances by Garrett Gilbert. Gilbert had what the Asset termed as a "stellar day" in today's work. He made all the correct reads, was as accurate as he’s been all camp, and showed off the arm strength we all know he has. The most important piece of information is that Garrett seems to be going through his progressions much better now, especially today. Perhaps it was a function of him knowing he wasn’t going to get hit, but the Asset says he’s showing marked improvement in that department.

Ash and McCoy worked on their specialized package of plays, especially Ash. Both quarterbacks looked good in team work. McCoy was a tad more consistent but Ash had more wow plays and throws.

Malcolm Brown is moving and cutting better than he has at any point in fall camp. He looks the part.

Davis, Shipley, White, and Harris all had solid days. Davis and White had a couple of sick highlight reel catches today apiece. The light bulb is finally starting to come on for White we’re told. You can tell he’s more confident in his ability to win battles against the smaller DB’s and he’s turning into that physically imposing receiver the coaches want him to be. Route running is still raw but it’s improving.

The offense ran a lot of shotgun and a little bit of four wide today. There was less emphasis on the run game but Brown showed out when we did run it.

The defense ran some 4-3 with Demarco Cobbs in the game as more of big nickel type of guy for the ones. He can run with all of our tight ends and backs. In the true nickel Vaccaro was playing the slot mostly with Phillips playing safety. Diggs and Byndom are fixtures at corner.

On the defensive line, Okafor and Jeffcoat both displayed an array of pass rushing moves to get in the backfield against the first team tackles. Walters and Hopkins flip flopped at RT. Allen struggled a bit with Jeffcoat.

Overall, not much to report. There was a lot of teaching going on and less physical work. It seems like the coaches have an idea of who’s going where on the depth chart, and now they’re fine tuning. The kids are enjoying the pseudo-rest.

We’ll have more later in the week.

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