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Huge News: Confirmation From Both The Asset The Big Cigar on DJ Monroe's New Role

dj monroe sasquatch

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Made you look, Bob Stoops!!!! I know you clicked first, ya' bastard.

Shit, that's not even a real Sasquatch, no matter what Venables tells you. That's The General in a DJ Monroe jersey (fleeing with a totebag prototype stolen from a factory in the Shaanxi region, I might add). HR is still looking for him.

We're blessed to have a wonderful talent on hand to help us out quite often and quite often on a moment's notice. If he were not so busy running Hollywood and making real coin, he'd be an Internet phenomenon making hundreds of bucks a month. As it is, he's our resident LSUfreek (pay special attention to Durantula).

As the season approaches, we'll be showcasing some of his great works. All hail, ACE! Many thanks, my friend.

Everybody, do the Muschampdance.