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Longhorn Network Opening Sequence

Saw this mentioned over on the mothership.

And thus, we have the beauty of the Longhorn Network. We've all known it was going to be Texas' big toy -- the deal that provides immense exposure and dollars that come with it. And it seemed likely that this behemoth would cause jealousy in Big 12 circles; Texas A&M is probably gone for the SEC, and the network must have played some kind of role. But this is Texas embracing its role as the 1,000 pound gorilla and coming out with guns ablaze and middle fingers in the air.

Kudos to Texas. Troll hard or go home.

One flag. One star. One state. One school.


The choice of Matthew McConaughey as the voice and face of this launch leaves me ambivalent. Though he does ask Bill Byrne how it all tastes...

Let game week begin.