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It's game week. Feels good to say it.

On to the content other people have produced that we can re-purpose as our own!

TCU / Baylor is one of the more interesting match ups on the opening slate. RGIII vs. Gary Patterson's No Concussion defense. I'll watch it. Of course this time of year I'll also watch NC Central @ Rutgers! Be sure to check out our new Frog Blog Frogs O' War. Some longtime FanTake and BC personalities contributing. And here's some timeless smack talk.

Be sure to bookmark the SB Nation College Football hub. It's ably helmed by Jason Kirk and through the season you'll find good stuff from all of the SB Nation college blogs, Spencer Hall, Scipio's alter ego, a weekly college football TV schedule and Dana Holgorsen's Drink O' The Week selection.

Lately of note was Spencer's piece where the Big 12 is the Soviet Union. The Aggies are the Ukraine. Charles Barkley weighs in and says Russia don't need Ukraine, it's all controlled by Moscow and Astana.

Stay up to date with the latest Aggroid emigration with this story stream.

Good piece on erstwhile head coach in waiting (EHCIW) Will Muschamp. Worth the read to see the part where Nick Saban yelled at Will's mom. Awesome. Rooting for Will and curious to see how his career turns out so I'll be checking Alligator Army frequently.

SMU to the Big 12! WTF1? I don't see it as part of Four Super-Conference Chaos Theory Expansionapalooza.

In a little more than 48 hours, college football is on TV. This makes me happy.