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Wednesday Practice Report From The Asset

First I’d like to discuss my son who quarterbacks the Texas Colts in their 8 year old division. Offset power I , fake 22 blast boot right for a TD on a wheel route to the team’s best wideout. The play execution was Colt McCoy perfect, the timing as glorious as the 2006 Rose Bowl—and then all of a sudden…

History died cruelly, unusually, extinguished by a killer who didn't even lose his breath. Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, REDACTED sprinted across the wet Aldine Nimitz grass as if skating. There was no apparent sound. There was no visible sweat. He did not howl. He did not holler. He crossed the faded white line, ran through the soggy red paint, and disappeared into a mound of fire ants in front of the stands as the pot bellied coach threw up his arms. In the distance, there was a muttering crowd and a blaring Escalade with rims. But at the precise spot and exact moment it all ended for the Spring Texans, there was nothing. The loudest pee wee football era in North Houston Pop Warner history had died in silence.

I suspect this is how Gale Gilbert feels in the last two weeks. His kid has performed and to the victor goes the spoils. Our Asset says he’s playing the best out of all three quarterbacks and deserves the start.

"Gilbert is the clear number 1, he’s doing well and had another good practice today. But the funny thing is that Ash is getting number 2 reps. He's doing well, even though he cooled off some since his red hot start up. He should play getting some special packages in the games going forward if the last two practices are any indication. If Case McCoy is the true number 2 they’re not treating him like it this week. It's been Gilbert, Gilbert, Ash, Gilbert, Ash, Gilbert, Ash, McCoy as far as reps go."

Fozzy got 40% of the 1 carries, while Malcolm Brown got 40% and Joe Bergeron got the other 20%. These three will all play and the coaches are excited about it. Malcolm’s vision and patience is incredible—he ran really well today. All backs did well but look for Malcolm to separate.

On the Oline, the same starters practiced as ones today. Allen is getting some leeway now because he’s showing some potential as the LT. He held his own today against some ferocious pass rushers. As a whole, the line is looking pretty good now, and much, much better from where they were a year ago when I was face palming.—The Asset.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but Davis, Ship, White, and Harris will all play a lot. They are all freakin’ ballers who make plays in the passing game. The most interesting development may be how these guys perform in the running game. A few players get jet sweeps but one of the more dynamic kids may be one of your trigger men in the Wildcat. I say nothing, however…

The tight ends had a mediocre day. Terrell did well today but other than that they were pretty quiet.

On the defensive line, Bible and Desmond will get some solid reps this season if today was an indication. Both showed out. If Bible can drop the rest of that bad weight I would say he works his way in the two deep because he’s that talented.—The Asset. I’d say Bible is 3 bills or so right now and needs to lean down a bit. Dorsey is pretty solid as he’s figuring out how to play in the trenches. Daniels also did well; he is freakishly strong for a DE conversion. The Horns have some answers at DT that's for sure. As far as DE, the coaches are happy with their trio of Okafor, Jeffcoat, and Wilson.

The LB’s, nope same old same old in the lb corp. Edmond might get some playing time sooner rather than later because he’s a beast and Cobbs was injured. For this unit it’s plug and play and there isn’t another group in conference who can say they're better.—The Asset.

Overall, the defense is still in the 4-3. I think Diaz wants as many LBs on the field as possible especially since they can cover well for LBs and have a solid chance to win battles in the passing game. A lot is made of their coverage abilities but these dudes can really get after the QB. They really pressured McCoy today and forced some quick throws. Manny Diaz thinks he has one of the best units in America at the LB position. You can take that as Gospel.

One surprise might be Mykkele Thompson who will probably play early rather than later. He’s skinny, but Coach Akina compares him to Nathan Vasher in terms of suddenness and talent.

To round out this unit, Byndom, Diggs, Vaccaro, and Gideon got most of the run. Phiilips is still a de facto starter in nickel. Great group that can wreak some havoc--The Asset.

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