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BC Tailgate - Texas vs Rice

We're joining forces with the Jesus this year and his merry pranksters from the Recruitocosm. We're not sure how many of his legions of fans will come to say hello but if you walk up and ask which one is Shuttlesworth, you'll be mocked publicly and forced to do a kegstand of warm Busch Light that's been sitting in Nordberg's basement since High School.

We have a new spot this year -- W12 on the map below -- just north of the tennis courts, east of Trinity in the cut through where you would walk up the hill to the Erwin Center.

LonghornScott will be on hand doing live demonstrations of inside zone runs, jet sweeps, and how to impress hipster babes by doing figure eights on a Vespa. Tipsy Gypsie will be happy to offer a free scouting assessment of your date. Be ready for honest feedback. He tends to get a little gropy, but take it as a compliment.

We'll probably get things rolling around 2 p.m., temporarily pass out from 5-6, then make our way over the stadium to kick off the HarsinWhiteDiazLocoDiaz Era. Feel free to bring something to toss in the cooler. I'm purposely leaving that undefined to see what creative enticements you can come up with. Beer works too.

If we don't have a pirated stream of the Longhorn Network on the flatscreen by kickoff, the Aggies terrorists have won.