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LHN Help Line

If you are not one of the tens of households that have the Longhorn Network, then you will need a central clearinghouse for what bars in what cities will be carrying the game. I consider this a better alternative than speed balling meth and heroin to dull the pain and rot the toofs.

Another Round-Wine-Bar at LaCenterra (Katy)
Otto's Deluxe Grille at LaCenterra
Genghis Grill at LaCenterra

I have heard Katy can be quite thrilling this time of year. Brown grass, construction dust, and rice fields turned subdivisions are all quite sensational in early September.


I am going to need some help here.

San Antonio

Best mexican food in the state. No Longhorn game. Rub hot queso on entire body as quasi ointment/body hair removal ritual.


Really!?! We deserve better.

Third Base on W. 6th


Which one of these is not like the other? I need a backup plan if my illicit FIOS/Slingbox subcontracting plan comes to the attention of the proper authorities.


It would be nice if I could head off a fraction of the 37 phone calls from my father asking what channel the game is on for DirectTV

Also, I hear that on campus housing has it on some student channel. Time to hit the Union and see if you can talk your way into a chick's dorm room. the definition of 'LHN hot' could get interesting. Iphone pics to be submitted by Tuesday for tote bag candidacy.

So, gentleman (loose connotation at best), please add any public establishments that might have Rice v. Texas to the list in the comments section. And may our 150,000 readers all get to watch the game. Yes, even the three in Kurdistan.