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Some Quick Hitters After Rewatching the Rice Game

Watching Rice vs. Texas for eleventy billionth time I felt like I needed to add my thoughts before we roll into our Friday Q&A and then obviously into game day. This falls right about seventh on my priority list behind real work, installing the Oopty-Oop for the Texas Colts Pee Wee league team, and grocery shopping, but hell it’s in my head so I’ll give it a whirl.

First, as The Asset reported about the staff’s feelings, the Texas offense left A LOT of yardage and possibly points on the field with missed blocks and misreads. Malcolm Brown, God bless him because it flies in the face of most true freshman running backs, refused to bounce a few runs outside when we had Rice outflanked for big yardage. He bounced one for big yardage on the final TD drive, but he had two or three more he’ll see in film study that could have put him over the century mark easily.

Jamison Berryhill, as Big Pun would say, he’s not a player he just crush a lot. The kid knocked some heads in the run game including at least two decleaters. He’ll factor into this Saturday’s gameplan against those that don the short-sleeve dress shirts. The former Permian Panther was devastating vs. Rice and needs more run.

Speaking of fullback, Cody Johnson acquitted himself pretty well as a lead blocker although he wasn’t the devastating force Berryhill was. I’m kind of surprised Johnson didn’t get anything in the passing game out of the backfield but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was remedied this weekend.

Upon further review, Tray Allen was mediocre at best and I’m not sure Paden Kelley isn’t the answer at left tackle. Allen cost us a couple sacks, and at least one hurry in the red zone that would have resulted in a pitch and catch for Mike Davis on a skinny post. Kelley, on the other hand, was solid in pass pro, and had a key seal on a TD run by Fozzy. I’m kind of feeling a Kelley, Allen, Espinosa, Walters, Hopkins group from left to right.

If you’re wondering where Snow is in my lineup above, the short answer is he’s probably bull fighting with a Strake Jesuit grad, that’s if Saturday night is any indication. It was a performance that left much to be desired and enhanced Garrett Porter’s career prospects. If it happens again this weekend Snow’s liable to get one of our skilled guys killed.

Dom Espinosa on the flip side was terrific at center, even pulling rather successfully to outnumber a pretty quick Rice front at the point of attack. He’ll be at a quickness advantage against BYU so I’d expect even more perimeter success in the run game out of the budding star. Can he hold up in pass pro against the Cougar beasts? It’ll be a sporting test.

Darius White was upstaged as a blocker by the diminutive Desean Hales and that can't happen in Harsin’s attack. White had better tighten that up because Harris and Onyegbule loom large.

On a brighter note, Dom Jones looked like a bona fide tight end in the run and passing games. He won his battles in the run game, and made a pretty impressive catch for a third down conversion as a receiver. He gives the Horns the best of both worlds right now at the position.

Blaine Irby had a horrible drop, but overall he had a nice game. He was an effective blocker and showed an ability to get vertical in the pass game although Gilbert missed him running wide open on one route.

Josh Turner made a surprisingly physical play in the fourth quarter running through a blocker on his way to making a tackle on a wide receiver screen. He’s biting as a pup if you ask Darrell Royal.

Speaking of biting as a pup, Steve Edmond made one of the most impressive linebacking plays when he ran down a smaller Rice tailback on an option pitch, making an unbelievable tackle in space on a 3rd and 2. He also swats RB’s away in blitz pickup like he’s standing on top of the Empire State Building swatting helicopters. The dude needs to start repping for the power rushing attacks we’ll face.

How about you?

Anything you picked up on after watching the torrents—other than a Trojan Horse virus?