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Texas back to #1 in poll

The long Longhorn Nation national nightmare is finally over. Texas has returned to its rightful place atop the polls poll. And really, we all knew this would happen right? Gregg Doyel of is probably feeling a bit sheepish, though.

That really was quite a nightmare. 2010 did not make the football good. But, I feel much better now that the world is no longer turned upside down. The world is round. Can you even turn it upside down? You ever try to turn a golf ball upside down? It is hard. We need to get Bill Little on this enigma wrapped in a riddle.

I must not be paying attention to college football enough. I didn't even know that the Brigham Young University Cougars were #1 last week. That is quite a big victory for this young Longhorn team. It was nice of us to spot those clean cut young men from Provo thirteen points. Mack is really a sweetheart.

Some may think this poll is a bit premature. They may even throw big confusing terms at you like "sample size" and "recency bias". The poll has "Bias Free" right in the name, so you can stick that in your meerschaum pipe and smoke it in a van down by the river.

It is self evident that a poll is righteous and just that ranks the Land Thieves and the Conference Thieves #32 and #33 respectively. And that Pittsburgh future Big XII invite is looking smarter and smarter. Betting on the come, imo.