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Practice Report From The Asset

Due to popular demand we're going to continue to provide practice tidbits from The Asset. However, we're not going to get into specific plays in the interest of protecting the team. Even redacting the Shipley to Ash pass almost let the cat out of the bag so we're just going to give you what we deem appropriate and spill the rest at the tailgate or via the secret email (kidding).

Even without the ultra-secret strategic information The Asset has some pretty good stuff. He tells us that Mack Brown and company have been preaching physicality and redemption in the meetings and practices all week. The staff feels like they can impose their will in the running game against the Bruins, although they may not have a choice. On defense, the coaches have spent the week making the players perfectly aware of what happened last season, and the players feel like they're up to the challenge. The Asset says he'd be surprised if UCLA had much success running the ball on Texas. Redemption.

As for specific players, Malcolm got a lot of reps with the first team this week. He had a couple of jaw-dropping runs in practice that had the coaching staff and players really excited. He's just on a different level than any other back Texas has had on campus in the last few years. If practices are any indication, The Asset tells us Malcolm should get close to twenty carries and will play early this game. The Bruins better be prepared for a heavy dose of the talented true freshman.

Fozzy Whitaker still received first team reps but it was mostly out of the Wildcat look or in shotgun. Don't be surprised to see a package with Whitaker and Brown on the field at the same time.

Marquise Goodwin is going to play a bunch this game, especially as a screen/running threat. He'll also be used to stretch the field but we're not going to divulge that specific play.

In the contact portions of practice the OLine performed very well with Paden Kelley at right tackle and Trey Hopkins at left tackle. Look for Kelley to get more snaps in our spread looks because he's a net positive in pass pro when he subs for Allen. In the run game Paden still has a ways to go as a blocker, but he's getting there.

On defense, the staff is giddy with their newfound DT depth. Whaley and Ashton Dorsey really flashed on film and they have the coaches excited. The staff will lean on a heavy rotation along the Dline with the hopes of wearing out UCLA's offensive line. Don't be surprised if Desmond Jackson gets more 5-tech work when the Horns go to an odd front with one of the ends standing up.

At the QB position, Case is at his best if he can get the correct pre-snap read and then audible to a better play. He struggled when the defense shifted late which resulted in a couple picks in scrimmage work. Those throws are concerning because the windows were tight according to The Asset. Still, Case did a good job of running the huddle and the team overall. He just needs to pick his spots a little better.

Ash had a really good week of practice and it appears the coaches are opening up the playbook for the young man we're told. His plays are mostly out of the shotgun, but he did go under center in some power looks with Malcolm Brown in the backfield, which is a positive indicator that he'll get more snaps in this game. He didn't throw any picks in practice this week and made some good throws down the field, but The Asset tells us he needs do a better job presnap to make sure we're in the right play. Harsinwhite are working overtime in the film room and on the field to get that corrected.

We understand there's not a whole lot of earth-shattering information but that's all we can give you at the moment.