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Practice Report From The Asset

I had a chance to talk to The Asset who although was speaking with a whisper had some information that may come across as more of a shout. The report is a case of good news/bad news, zero-sum type game which is typical of practice reports. So first, let’s get to the bad news.

The Asset tells us that the offense was flat out awful this week in practice. We ran a lot of smash mouth, man vs. man stuff to see who was more physical and the defense certainly got the better of the matchup. Now we all know the strength of Harsin’s offense is less about matchups and more about scheme so this shouldn’t concern you as much, Longhorn fan. In fact, The Asset tells us that a large part of this practice week felt like we were preparing for the physicality of OU, and in particular, the Sooner offense.

The good news is that the front 7 played terrific against the 1’s on offense, virtually shutting down the downhill rushing attack. The Asset tells us that our run fits are getting corrected which is the first part of Manny Diaz’s axiom of stopping the run on the way to the quarterback. The front four is turning into a formidable group against the run and The Asset tells us it goes a legit two deep with the emergence of Whaley and Dorsey to go with Jackson, Howell, Randall, as well as Wilson, Jeffcoat, Okafor, and Johnson if this week was any indication. At linebacker, we’re crazy deep with Hicks, Robinson, and Acho backed by Benson, Jackson, Edmond, and Demarco Cobbs.

Yes, you read that right, Demarco Cobbs is practicing again and he may be ready for ISU depending on NCAA cast rules. He’ll almost certainly be coming off the edge against OU in one of Diaz’s exotic blitz packages in two weeks. If you watched OU’s tackles in pass pro against FSU then you should be grinning right about now knowing there’s a good chance Demarco will be available. Overall, Demarco Cobbs is Manny Diaz’s prototypical linebacker with his ability to blitz and cover. His presence is huge for the Horns in Dallas and beyond.

The other great news at the position is that Edmond got some snaps in the middle with the 1’s this week and did not disappoint in the triangle The Asset tells us. Again, if we’re playing Edmond in the middle, who are we preparing for?

At QB, Case had a really good week of practice even connecting on a 40 yard go route to Marquis Goodwin in scrimmage work. David Ash struggled a bit, but The Asset tells us he’s being asked to play from the pocket a bit more this week. Again, the offense went plain vanilla for the most part this week and that doesn’t play to Ash’s strengths. Overall, it was good to see that Case is starting to build on the success he had in the last two games.

Overall, the team is banged up and could use some rest which they’ll get this weekend. John Harris is already out for ISU next week and several guys in the two deep are nicked up. The bye week could not come at a better time for this ballclub and The Asset couldn’t whisper at a better time for this website.

Hook ‘EM!

PS: We’ll be on for Q & A with the Cosmonauts tomorrow morning over at Recruitocosm. Please stop by because the whole gang should be there.