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Understanding UCLA

This week I focused on the areas where I think the offense is really growing quickly.

The biggest thing that stood out to me in the UCLA game was the emphatic message that our offense sent to opposing defenses. It's not enough to prepare for each package with one specific gameplan: you need to come prepared with a multiple approach to each package and be ready to adjust them in the game because if you sit in a static look, Harsin has the tools and awareness to carve you up. It is becoming more and more obvious that Harsin's fluency is not at all tied to any single set of ideas or talents in his offense. He drew a bead on UCLAs defense early in this game and they never got out of his crosshairs. Even without the early turnovers, I think UCLA would have struggled to keep up.

Let's start off with the Ash package, which I think is the most difficult for defenses to cope with right now. What the UCLA game made plain is that we are just scratching the surface here.
Second let's look at Harsin and McCoy doing work going into halftime.
Finally some thoughts on a few things developing in the run game.

Hopefully these help relieve a little of the bye week itch. Harsin is covering ground quickly and it's a struggle to keep pace. Enjoy.