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2011 Adjusted Stats

Adjusted stats and ratings (including my EWP ratings) for this season are now available. Given that this is the first release and I'm getting back in the groove after the BC IT department and interns changed everything, just let me know if you see any issues.

Keep in mind that all of this is very volatile early in the season. As an example, the teams were actually very weakly connected after last week's games. Based on that amount of data, any standard power ratings set would have had Texas A&M favored over Oklahoma by 40 points. Speaking of matchups, the matchup analyzer is now live for 2011, but you can also preview actual upcoming matchups using the links in the game report.

A couple of minor notes:

1. Air Force has still only played one FBS opponent after four weeks so all of their ratings and adjusted stats are based on their game against TCU
2. I tried to keep an eye on the calculations while they were running and it appears that all the stats are connected except for fourth down conversions.