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In Norman Paranoia Strikes Deep

Hasn't been a very good couple of weeks for David Boren and the boys up in Soonerland. Having been thwarted in their attempt to move West, they naturally blame the source of all their problems -- Texas.

First Daily Oklahoman columnist Berry Tramel begs Bob Stoops to "hang half a hundred" on Texas.

Berry is tired of getting beat in the boardroom.

Big bad Bevo is loose again, terrorizing our not-so-Gotham state. The great Big 12 carousel finally has stopped, and Texas wins. Texas always wins.

Except on the football field. That's where you come in, Bobby. The Sooner masses, bloodied and bowed by yet another Longhorn stampede, need a little balm. A little salve. Need to be reminded of what's really important.

The crimson cladded need a victory in the Cotton Bowl in two weeks. By a resounding score, if possible.

Then Tulsa World columnist David Sittler took it up another notch today when he wrote that OU and the rest of the Big 12 should just admit the obvious and name Deloss Dodds Commissioner of the Big 12.

Sittler believes that interim commissioner Chuck Neinas could save everyone time and money by naming Dodds to take his place. Sittler points out that the two have been friends forever, and that Neinas was commissioner of the old Big 8 when Dodds was AD at Kansas State, and besides Dodds has really run the league since its inception.

Anyone who didn't think Dodds has always run the Big 12 along with UT's athletic department became true believers last week. Their come-to-Jesus moment arrived when Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech discovered once again that Dodds is the boss of a monster that is a fellow Big 12 member in name only.

Dodds' power play trumped OU president David Boren's attempt to flex some Sooner muscle, and ended the plans of OU, OSU and Tech to jump to the Pac-12 with or without the Longhorns. He proved the Pac-12 really only wanted UT, and would only take the others if it helped get the Longhorns.

Sept. 20, 2011, should go down as the day Dodds proved for at least the 997th time that the Big 12 is Texas' world and the other members should be grateful the Longhorns allow them to live in it.

So the bitterness continues to build in Norman, which should make next week in Dallas even more interesting.

There is something else that OU can file under the "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you" category:

JMI Sports College announced yesterday that they are establishing a sports consulting firm which will provide universities assistance with everything from searching for a new coach to finding a new conference, to dealing with NCAA issues as well as building a new stadium.

Two of their advisors on call to help provide these services?

Deloss Dodds and Chuck Neinas.