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Week 4 College Football Open Thread

Huskers & Byaadgers at Camp Randall. JUMP AROUND.

Saban in the Swamp. GO GATAH.

RGIII vs the Dark Wizard of Manhattan. Over/under on incompletions for #10: 6

Lou Holtz. Still alive. On television.

Dabo goes to Blacksburg: Not picked up by any children's book publishers but ESPN is carrying it. Clemson hasn't won a relevant road game since the 1940's or something.

Texas vs The Fightin Paul Rhoadses.

He's already got Texas notched on his belt, right next to Nebraska and Iowa, and there is no better motivator in college football. He also has The Steele Jantz on his roster. Sometimes this is a good thing, others not. Lee Corso just said on Gameday that Texas is on a mission and will win by two touchdowns. Desmond disagrees and think Iowa State pulls off the upset. I love this show!. The voice of reason prevails and Herbstreit confirms a Longhorn win, causing Huck's Tandy 2000 Supercomputer to spontaneously combust.

Is it 6 o'clock yet?

Feel free to start early.