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DeLoss Dodds Speaks Truth to Power

Or something like that. Kudos to the Tulsa World for giving an attempt at equal coverage to the other side of the story after peppering their readers with falsehoods, assumptions, and general drivel during realignmentocalypse to date.

Tulsa World Q&A with Dodds

One quote of interest:

If they wanted to, could (Big 12 Presidents and Chancellors) say, "Let's vote on (sharing third tier revenue)?"

"They could vote on it. But they might not get it. You know? It's just never been a part of the deal. It'd be like us going to Oklahoma State and saying, 'Hey, you got $160 million from Boone (Pickens). I think we ought to have a share of that.' They'd say, 'Well, that's not fair.' There are just some things that are done differently. We're not gonna share Oklahoma State's money, and they're not gonna share our Tier 3 stuff."