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REDACTED Practice Report From The Asset

To begin this report, I have the inclination to apologize. I’ve been sitting on this report for over a day and I’m still at my wits end on what to report. First, a little background. I haven’t missed an RRS since 1992 and I helped launch three man slingshots loaded with orange dye filled water balloons upon Aggie hordes at midnight yell practice on the Capital steps from my perch on the second floor of the Capital building in an unspecified year in the 1990’s. In short, it’s not my style to give up information to the enemy. When it comes to Texas I’m all in. I’m a huge fan. I’m not going to give up the goods going into this uber-important weekend and I won't start now.

With all of that typed, just know that our REDACTED information has been right on the money. From Jaxon Shipley taking a Wildcat snap against Rice, David Ash catching a pass against BYU, and the flea flicker that we called vs. ISU, our censored shit has been pretty fucking good. Now, that’s not to say that we’ve helped you our gentle readership win some bar bets, but there are those within our organization who will vouch for our accuracy.

Long story short, this bad boy is going to be a redacted mofo, but just know that there are additions to our game plan vs. the Bastards from the North that we haven’t seen before. There are players running plays in our play book that have, to date, not made one iota of impact on the offensive side of the ball. When it happens on Saturday you’ll know what I’m talking about the second that you see it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard of or seen, as a Texas fan going on 30 years. When I tell you we plan on throwing the kitchen sink at the Soooners and we've drilled every little detail into the lads to ensure success, it's not lip service or platitudes. It's the truth. I've never heard of a Texas staff and their supporting cast working longer and harder on a football game than they have leading up to this weekend. Bank on it.

I know the censorship and redactions don't do you, the daily reader, much good today, but trust me and be excited by the unexpected while being sensitive to what our staff is trying to accomplish. (And what a great staff it is!) Just know that they plan to put it all on the line on Saturday and the kids have bought in all week and all season considering we've been preparing for OU for months. We're ready to rock and roll. The coaches are coaching with an in your face edge, and the players are responding positively is what The Asset tells us.

That typed, and moving on to the very little that we can report aside from the above, I offer you the following email from The Asset, a character close to the staff.

"No real change in the depth chart. Harsin wants White to step up but who knows. Sedrick is getting some reps and is doing well at guard. Good puller, good in space. Espinosa is going to play and we like his matchup versus the OU linebackers considering our scheme will give him a step.

Other than Flowers, O line is the same and WR is pretty much Davis and Shipley with Onyegbule sprinkled in, just based on Harsin's play calling.

D is the same but Cobbs is getting a ton of reps. I think Scott will play if today was an indication.

Hopkins and Snow had good practices this week.

Ash is getting most snaps at QB still. He'll have the full play book. Perhaps 20 throws?

Mainly REDACTED and REDACTED are getting some work at Wildcat. REDACTED is the emergency QB but REDACTED is throwing out of the Wildcat to receivers more so than REDACTED."

It's fucking OU week. That's all I'm going to do.