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In Case You Missed It

I actually thought Occupy Wall Street was satire but apparently not. Either way, Occupy Herbstreit is satire (or farce or dada or something). Whatever, it's damn good and one of the players is a apparently a Longhorn. 1,000 Totebags to you faceless Longhorn piss taker.


A buddy of mine from college is one of the guys behind the The Gameday Rivals campaign (presented by Bud Light - pay me!). It sounds like a kick ass gig. Run around to college football games with Knoxy! drinking beer and get paid for it. However, apparently there can be a dark side.

Michael from A&M is easily one of the loudest, most energetic tailgaters you will probably run across. He also shares a unique food item and some dancing with us which is why he thinks he is Bud Light's Ultimate Tailgater.



Lastly, Bill Byrne. NOT HAPPY.

As you no doubt heard, last weekend, between bouts of skull-raping old ladies with Chicken tacos, some of these subhuman lifeforms in Lubbock defecated all over the Aggie bus and spray painted all over the windows.

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Someone vandalized our buses in Lubbock. Excrement inside and outside of buses plus spray painted vulgarities on outside. Classy.Sat Oct 08 19:51:04 via Twitter for iPhone

Except they didn't.

Texas Tech thinks Bill was a little zealous on the twitters having apparently posted this info before even seeing the buses.

"While incidents such as the ones alleged are inappropriate and strongly condemned by Texas Tech, it is no less wrong to condemn the entirety of our university, students and supporters by posting inaccurate information on the internet for the purpose of sensationalizing the actions of one or a very few," Texas Tech said in a statement.

You know Bill, he won't back down.

"I don’t feel the need to defend my comments about the incident in Lubbock because whatever was thrown on that bus sure stunk and I know vandalism when I see it. I took personal offense just as I would have if someone did this to my own car. This was a first in my 28 years as an Athletic Director ... and hopefully a last."

Clearly, Lubbock is out of range of AgAssist.

Speaking of defecate...

aggie corps turds

Corps turds, indeed.

Bill, you can leave the Big 12 but I sure hope you never leave the Internet.