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Practice Tidbits From The Asset

I'm not going to do redacteds or even a full-blown report this go-round just to see how it goes. However, we'll have a Q and A this Friday if you still need a fix.

So real quickly, The Asset tells us the following:

Ash has gotten the vast majority of first team reps this week as the Big Cigar reported.

Thompson and Onyegbule took snaps and made throws in drill work as QB's. Thompson got more work. It doesn't look like Thompson is part of the game plan though.

Onyegbule had two pretty solid practices and coaches were visibly excited about his work in the run game as a blocker.

Focus seemed to be in running the ball down hill but we do have gadgets installed as always.

OLine was up and down, but one bright spot was Sedrick Flowers who had terrific days especially in pass pro. He gave Desmond Jackson fits in scrimmage work and was really good in space when pulling. He's poised to break out.

On defense, no real changes in the two deep at secondary although they did work on getting bodies in and out to match quick subs by the offense.

Linebacker and specifically Steve Edmond was the bright spot for the defense. He had four eye-popping plays in team drills this week. He had two picks on screens by quickly diagnosing and then anticipating the throws. When we worked on the wide receiver screen looks OSU will run, he had two devastating TFL's. On one play, he split the trips formation and tackled Desean Hales. On the other play he body slammed a would-be blocker before detonating the ball carrier. He's not getting starter snaps but it appears he'll play some this weekend.

As for the defensive line, no news to report but overall the defense is working on getting calls in much quicker than they did last Saturday. They struggled with OU's jet tempo so they're trying to get that buttoned up for the Pokes.

That's it for now.