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Apparently Jim Harbaugh Doesn't Know How To Shake Hands

And Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz is pissed about it.

Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers handed Detroit their first loss of the season, 25-19. Both teams are now 5-1 and it is the first time for San Francisco to reach that record in 14 years.

Needless to say, Harbaugh was very happy about it.

Harbaugh admitted afterward that he was probably a little too enthusiastic about the win.

I was really revved up. That was on me a little, too hard a handshake there." Harbaugh said. "I do get emotional, I do get fired up. A lot. I not going to apologize for that. If that offends you or anybody else, so be it."

Schartz said he tried to ge medieval on Harbaugh's ass because that sort of emotion from a coach just isn't standard in the NFL.

"I didn't expect it," Schwartz said. "After the game, I went to shake the opponent coach's hand. Obviously, you win a game like that, you're excited and things like that, but I think there's a protocol that goes with this league."

While at Stanford, Harbaugh established a "no-quarters" kind of attitude, no matter the opponent. In 2009, Stanford defeated USC 55-21, including going for 2 points after a late touchdown. USC coach Pete Carroll, now the Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, wondered just what was Jim Harbaugh's deal.

Harbaugh's deal includes not worrying about winning the Andrew Luck lottery, but instead following Herm Edward's advice that,

"You Play To Win The Game."