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First BCS Cartel Rankings Are Out: LSU #1

Check out the numbers:

- Remember, computers are only 1/3 of the equation. Sports Information Directors Coaches and low-level hacks journalists are the majority opinion.

- LSU @ Alabama is BCS HGH for the winner of that contest.

- Quite a gap between the Top 3 and #4. Don't sweat that - OSU plays OU, Bama plays LSU, at least one of those four teams will also be upset at some point. Lots of movement still to come.

- The computers love Oklahoma State so much that they want the Cowboys to be their girlfriend. The Sooners should hope to face a 11-0 OSU in Bedlam.

- If you're surprised that the computers have Texas @ #19, don't be. Our schedule is well-regarded by SkyNet. Computers are better @ forgiving losses to good teams than fans.

- Don't ignore Wisconsin as the dark horse if SEC and Big 12 mayhem plays out in a fairly predictable way. The Big 10 may back another sacrificial lamb into the title game against the S!-E!-C!.

- As clear as Clemson's path is, the likelihood of them doing Clemsony things is just too strong.

If you want to understand my perspective on the BCS and its absurdities, read the piece I wrote on Dan Wetzel's book.