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Texas and NCAA APR

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The NCAA is strongly implying that entry into the 2013 NCAA basketball tournament will be contingent upon an acceptable APR for each program. The 900 requirement will be phased into a 930 score requirement over two years and then to 940.

The APR has become somewhat of a focus for the organization and so I thought I'd use the online database to see how Texas' men's programs have done. All sports but one have reached the 975 mark in the last year and most have shown significant improvement to get there. Kudos to the academic advisors and staff in those programs as well as the student-athletes for their solid work.

Others will be able to speak to each program specifically better than I can, but I do know that Dr. Randa Ryan oversees the academic support staff and student services for all sports but one.

The same one.

Scipio covered the progress on this front a little over a year ago but with the recent news I felt an update was in order.

Visual aid: