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Updated High School Ratings

First, the links to the main pages:

EWP Ratings
Power Ratings
Matchup Analyzer

This update does not mean final scores from last night or tonight are now included, rather it's a site update.

There is now a full menu at the top for the high school reports. I've coded a few more pages, so there are now updated and more interactive schedules for each team. Thanks to all of Jerry's hard work at PigskinPrep I have better scores data and have now included private school leagues and teams. I have the six man data and will probably be adding separate pages for those teams later. The full scores file can be seen here.

I've also added a page for each district where you can access links for district ratings, view district standings, and look at a composite schedule for the teams in the district. I plan to add a separate schedules page where you can access schedule reports by week, classification, region, district, or combinations thereof.

Once again, let me know if you see any issues.