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Practice Report From The Asset: Jaxon A Go?

I'm going to hold off on the Humidor post until after the Aggie game. There's a lot of information from my guy that would divert our attention from the task at hand--pulling off the upset in Aggieland. Look for that on Friday after I come out of my tryptophan/Aberlour slumber.

This week's practice report is going to be a quickie and I'm leaving out any hints of wrinkles or trick plays, but there are a couple, hell, there's always a couple. We just need to be effective with meat and potatoes before we get to dessert.

First, the injuries. Jaxon Shipley evidently didn't have a setback or significant swelling after Monday's workout so it looks like he'll at least get some snaps Thursday. He ran routes and caught some balls in scrimmage work and drills Tuesday, and although he's not 100% he'll see some time tomorrow night. That's huge when you have two struggling quarterbacks in need of a security blanket.

Next there's Mal Brown and Joe Bergeron. Brown looks like he's almost at 100% and he's showing more confidence cutting on that sore toe. He cut on it pretty hard a couple times yesterday and he didn't look like he had any pain or problems with it The Asset reported. Good news for a team looking for some offense to hang their hat on.

Joe Bergeron is still being brought along slowly, but The Asset says he can see Joe getting double digit carries as long as the hamstring doesn't act up. Joe still hasn't really "opened it up" in a dead sprint, but he showed solid burst yesterday in practice which won't hurt our cause come Thursday. If he breaks away, hold your breath for a number of reasons.

Along the Oline, Mason Walters is evidently still sick as he missed his second consecutive workout. Again, everyone thinks he'll play Thursday but this may be cause for concern.

Offensively, Case had a string of 6 or 7 misses, but again, he's not going to set the world on fire in practice. He looks like he's your starter. I hope he channels his inner James Brown. Ash had a solid day of work, but the important takeaway from all of this is that Case got the majority of reps in the workout. Call it a 60-40 split according to our guy.

Defensively, the lads played the same caliber ball they've displayed throughout November. They're the best defensive unit in the conference and they know it. If these last two practices are any indication, the Aggie offense is in for a battle on Thursday.

Overall, the team is confident and in good spirits. We think we can control both lines of scrimmage and if we get a solid QB play we'll put up some points. That's a big if though.

If I get anymore tidbits I'll post them here or on Twitter where you can follow us @Recruitocosm or @BarkingCarnival.

Hook Em!