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Just when you think couldn't get any better...

The CFO of Texas A&M's athletic department, Jeff Toole, called R. Bowen Loftin a 'putz' and a 'hopelessly underqualified puppet' on Texags during the summer, posting under the handle UtayAgs.

That's certainly a nice endorsement of the administration from somebody who probably knows A&M's financial plight won't be fixed by simply switching conferences and getting a better TV deal. Large expenditures looming ahead include renovating Bat Guano Palace, buying out Mike Sherman at some point, and paying the SECession fee to the Big 12.

But rather than tackling these desperate financial issues helmet to helmet like Trent Hunter (too soon?), this Toolebag is posting on Billy Liucci's for-profit self help forum, undressing his bowtied boss under what he presumed was an anonymous handle. That is until one clever Aggie (yes, there is just one) pulled up some of UtayAg's old posts and found one where he fucking announces he's the CFO of the Athletic Department. Oh, and he's also an associate AD. /checks Ag Tag. Class of '80. Yep, he's legit.

On Oct. 1 on the subject of coach Mike Sherman’s contract, Toole posted, "I have to admit that the stupidity on this board always brings me back to the point that I know I’m not the dumbest (expletive) out there."

That's actually debatable, even if what he posted is true. And I believe we just found Texags' new mission statement.

Don't be surprised if by some bizarre twist of Aggie fate and desperate PR logic, Loftin promotes this guy and gives him a raise, Office Space style. But I would just go ahead and move my desk to the basement tomorrow morning if I were Jeff Toole.


Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

Embedded spy, imo. I actually work for the Longhorn Network.

First 27-25, now TooleGate. Best. Week. Ever. This might be your last chance to watch the Aggies decompose in slow motion from close range.

You're going to miss this shit, I promise.