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Quick Update From The Asset

I know I owe you a Humidor and I promise I'll post what I can by the end of the week. At this point, however, I think it's best for everyone involved if we table the meat of that article for now. I promise I won't leave you high and dry.

With that out of the way, I wanted to give you a quick update from The Asset now, and I'll give you the full report tomorrow. So here goes.

At QB it's still the same in terms of pecking order, with Case having a solid day in practice today. We're tailoring the offense to suit his strengths and it's showing. As for David Ash, he's getting his own special package of plays and it's a bit different than what he's run in past games. Let's just say he might get some "throwback" run this weekend if today's practice was any indication. We're going to run the ball on the Baptists come hell or high water and Ash's special package looks to be key here.

For the "redacted!" doubters out there, here's what we posted the day before the TAMU game.

For example, we had a double pass in the game plan for Mizzou which was built on our WR screen game. We never got our base offense going so we could never set that up. Plus, we only had half the game to find the right situation even if we had something going because of the wind.

In the week leading up to KSU, we had worked on a reverse off our jet action and even tinkered with allowing Onyegbule to throw out of that, but we never got our running game going to set it up, and we weren’t able to extend drives to give us favorable field position or opportunities.

Nails, imo. Just need Miles to lead Mike D. a bit more. I'd characterize Ash's new package as a sort of gadget or at least a wrinkle. We've got a redacted in with Case in the game as well.

On defense, we're doing some different stuff with our defensive ends to give RGIII more things to think about. Rest assured, we plan on hitting Mr. Griffin early and often if it means giving up some things with Ganaway.

That's all I'll say for now. Look for a more extensive report tomorrow night.

Hook 'Em!