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Mike Sherman To Be Fired?

Kirk Bohls thinks so.

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Texas A&M has decided to fire football Mike Sherman but has not yet notified him, a prominent Aggie source just told me.Thu Dec 01 23:42:04 via web

Is the source Jeff Toole? How much would they owe Sherm?

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A&M would owe Mike Sherman between $3M-$5M because he didn't sign his extension contract, the Aggie source says.Thu Dec 01 23:44:15 via web

Who is the next man up?

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Houston's Kevin Sumlin would emerge as the A&M frontrunner. "He's the favorite of Aggie Nation," the source says.Thu Dec 01 23:53:21 via web

Look, we've all been luxuriating in an Aggie Schadenfreude whirlpool of late so there's every real possibility that some knob is shooting his mouth off and Sherm will be prowling SEC sidelines next year but this strikes me as the right move.

I think the more important question is when does the seat under Dollar Bill start Byrne-ing. Get it? Byrne-ing. I hope NEVAH!

Thanks for the head's up from Tom Fornelli.