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Practice Report From The Asset (Updated W/ Thursday Tidbit)

I know that Humidors and Big Cigars are on everyone’s mind at this point but first things first. We have a ball game with the Baylor Bears this weekend, gents. And, it’s an important one. Texas is trying to win the staff’s predicted 8th game and we’re trying to deny RGIII the Heisman trophy that rightfully belongs to Vince Young. Huge stakes. No dancing or drinking, imo.

So I had a chance to catch up with our friend on the headset and his comments for Baylor this week are as follows.

At the QB position, Case McCoy had another good workout yesterday and The Asset tells us he’s settling into his own package of plays. The Asset says the staff thinks we can take advantage of our athleticism against Baylor’s below average secondary in both the quick game and down the field. So we’ll do it. We think the running game can make things much easier on the sophomore signal caller so we’ll take our shots, and the WR screen game is a nice fall back. More on that later.

At running back Malcolm Brown is close to being back to 100%. He’ll log 25 plus carries as sure as you’re reading this. Joe Bergeron is at best 50% at this point but The Asset says he’ll get the opportunity to test his sore hammy. Again, the staff, especially Harsin, Searels, and MA have been preaching a downhill rushing attitude all week long.

We’ve got some reverses built in to counter our off-tackle stuff, however, if the Bears get unsound with their numbers. I asked The Asset if he was sure he wanted me to post that and he said we’d be doing them a favor if Baylor suddenly became worried about reverses off our base runs. Alrighty then. Also, Cody Johnson is still in line to get some single wing type of lead plays.

One other note look for David Ash to be a big part of this facet of the offense as well. As we reported Tuesday, it appears Ash has a "throwback" type of package designed to gash the weak Baylor rushing defense. It won’t be out of a "throwback" formation but David Ash will be left with plenty of "options". Baylor should also concern themselves with Ash’s ability to play-pass out of this look.

At WR the story is Jaxon Shipley. The Asset claims Shipley isn’t 100% but he’s a 100% better route runner than any other player on the roster. We’ve got plans to iso Ship on Baylor’s weak-link in the secondary so look for plenty of motion and combo routes with the true freshman to make sure we get the matchup we want. Additionally, Barking Carnival's season long trend of announcing coming out parties should continue with the emergence of Desean Hales. I suspect he’ll have multiple catches if what The Asset tells us about practice is true.

Along the Oline it’s the usual suspects with Mason Walters sure to go back into beast mode after battling the flu last week. We asked The Asset about Walters’ outburst on Thursday and he had the following to say. "I know your readers won’t think this is juicy, but that was just Mason being Mason. He was pissed about the delay penalty, but more than anything he’s just the most irrational SOB on the field when he puts on the pads. He’s the nicest kid off the field, but between the lines, he’s as mean as a rattlesnake. Credit to Case for taking the high road. Like he had a choice (laughing)."

Apart from the Mason news, The Asset tells us Paden Kelley should get more snaps this week.

At TE and if you’re a gambling man, try to get odds that Luke Poehlmann gets his first reception in this game. The Poehlmann package should be en vogue this Saturday, and we’ve got some play action out of that package if we need it.

Defensively, the game plan is pretty simple for all three levels of the defense, The Asset tells us. We want a bunch of eyes on RGIII in the secondary so we’ll play a lot of zone. Rushing the passer, our front four is being told to play under control and not give RGIII many running lanes. At the linebacker level, the kids are being told to wreak havoc if the Heisman candidate leaves the pocket. We’ll blitz when we have to, we’ll play zone and mix coverages, but more than anything, we’re going to hit the quarterback when he’s flushed and play coverage when he wants to be a pocket passer. As for the running game, we think we can handle Ganaway for minimal damage. But we’ll make RGIII’s life a living hell.

One other note defensively, I asked The Asset about RGIII’s comments about Texas lacking luster and he kind of laughed and said, "it’s something that’s been brought to our players’ attention. It’s also not lost on the kids that RGIII is trying to win the Heisman. We’re ready for the challenge and we have something for him."

That’s good. And in the Humidor post, I'll have something for you.

Hook ‘Em

Here's a quick hitter on Today's workout from The Guy.

"Offense did the best they have done all season in practice today. Both qbs did well and Case is starting to throw some spirals. Davis looks to have some confidence now and D White got mad today, made some wow plays, and had himself a day. Dude is the ultimate tease but I want to believe. Again, we'll see. Overall, the team is practicing better than they have at any point since the 2009 season. I don't think Mack is going anywhere soon, by the way."