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Yes, I know he plays for the Eagles and you HATE THEM. I've received a lot of messages making this abundantly clear. If you are watching, drop some comments here.

If we can stop Münchausen syndrome, Desean Jackson has a chance.

VY Forever.

nobis60 here - this is my breakdown of Vince's game against the Pats on every snap where he either threw or ran. This is up through the second quarter - I'll try to finish and append during Seahawks' drives.

1st and 10, Eagles’ 16 YL, 14:46 1Q – Vince drops back and, with a good pocket, steps up and fires to Celek who has run about a 15-yard out. It’s a strong, accurate throw that allows Celek to turn upfield for an additional seven yards. VY 1-1, 22 yds, 0/0

1st and 10, Eagles’ 38 YL, 14:18 1Q – Vince throws a quick slant to McCoy who has motioned into the slot out of the backfield. Throw is high/behind McCoy – not a good throw and dangerous to miss like that in the middle of the field. VY 1-2, 22 yds, 0/0

2nd and 10, Eagles’ 38 YL, 14:14 1Q – Another good pocket, and Vince steps up and delivers a bomb to Riley Cooper who’s running what looks like a shallow-angled post route and gets down to the 5 yard line. This is a perfect throw to a guy who’s emerging as his favorite target, but who he hasn’t gotten much in the way of 1-on-1 reps with and who cannot be considered in the top 50 in the league in speed/athleticism/adjustment ability or just about any other factor that makes you an elite deep ball target. A+ throw from Vince. VY 2-3, 79 yds, 0/0

Eagles go on to score on the ground.

1st and 10, Eagles’ 20 YL, 10:36 1Q – Off play action, Vince throws downfield and connects with DeSean Jackson on a post to get down to the Patriots’ 36. Vince threw it away from the defender but it was short/inside and Jackson had to break back to the inside and go to the ground catching the ball. A perfect throw here and Jackson very possibly scores an 80 yarder, or just as likely stops at the one and drops to his haunches while pretending to poop the ball into the end zone. VY 3-4, 123 yds, 0/0

1st and 10, Pats’ 36 YL, 9:54 1Q – Vince takes the snap, appears to hitch and hold his throw because of something happening in front of him, and then fires to Cooper who has run a five-yard stop route from left wide. Cooper appears to jump unnecessarily for the ball, but with the hitch there wasn’t going to be much RAC opportunity on this one. VY 4-5, 129 yds, 0/0

1st and 10, Pats’ 25 YL, 8:40 1Q – Off play action, Vince throws to Jackson breaking in inside the 10 yard line. Jackson extends for the pass but it’s off his fingertips. Hard to tell if he pulled up slightly as a big hit from the safety was likely waiting on him after the catch, but we’ll say Vince missed him a little wide. VY 4-6, 129 yds, 0/0

2nd and 10, Pats’ 25 YL, 8:32 1Q – Vince drops back and quickly swings a pass to Shady McCoy in the left flat that’s a little too far out in front. A defender was closing quickly so it’s just as well this one hit the ground. VY 4-7, 129 yds, 0/0

3rd and 10, Pats’ 25 YL, 8:27 1Q – From the shotgun, Vince gets pressure from the outside and throws short left again to McCoy and the ball hits the ground. Looks like this one was 50/50 between McCoy and Vince as to being an incompletion, but it was a dumpoff that wasn’t going to generate a first down even if caught. Drive ends in a FG that puts the Eagles up 10-0. VY 4-8, 129 yds, 0/0

1st and 10, Eagles’ 20 YL, 1:27 – Now it’s 10-7. From an empty shotgun set, Vince surveys for a second and then throws short to McCoy over the middle for six yards. Simple pass. VY 5-9, 136 yds, 0/0

2nd and 3, Eagles’ 27 YL, :49 1Q – From shotgun, Vince gets early pressure from both edges and gets sacked by a third guy coming free up the middle when he steps up. Can’t tell if he missed anything downfield or not but pressure was on him pretty quick. Refs called a hold on the Eagles (declined) and missed a 15-yard facemask on Vince. VY 5-9, 136 yds, 0/0

3rd and 10, Eagles’ 20 YL, :28 1Q – From shotgun, Vince scans the field for a second and gets flushed to his left. He takes off upfield but multiple defenders converge from downfield and tackle him 2 yards short of the first down. VY 5-9, 136 yds, 0/0, 8 yds rushing

1st and 10, Eagles’ 20 YL, 13:10 2Q – Off play action, Vince fires deep down the left sideline to DeSean Jackson and the ball gets picked off. First and foremost the ball was underthrown – Jackson was running right past Alex Molden and would have had an 80-yarder if this one gets dropped in the basket. With that said, Molden’s adjustment to the underthrow included some forearm contact with Jackson that knocked him to the ground. Probably a good no-call, but more of an effort from the WR fighting back to the ball probably results in a PI call or the ball hitting the ground. The underthrow is on Vince - especially since Jackson is the worst receiver to underthrow in the league because the heart he shows in fighting for underthrown balls makes Mike Davis look like Freddie Steinmark. VY 5-10, 136 yds, 0/1, 8 yds rushing.

3rd and 12, Eagles’ 27 YL, 9:07 2Q – Now it’s 14-10 Pats. After two failed runs it’s Vince throwing on third and long. He looks for Jackson on the right sideline on what’s maybe a stop??? and it appears to be broken up by a corner breaking back in front of the ball. Kind of an odd looking play. VY 5-11, 136 yds, 0/1, 8 yds rushing.

1st and 10, Eagles’ 18 YL, 7:06 2Q – Now it’s 21-10 Pats as the Eagles’ D is not up to the challenge of Brady & Co. Vince finds Jackson on the right on a 9-yard stop/comeback and Jackson is able to fall forward to the 30 for a first down. VY 6-12, 148 yds, 0/1, 8 yds rushing.

1st and 10, Eagles’ 30 YL, 6:35 2Q – Jackson appears to run the identical route with pretty much the same result, this time making the 40 yard line. VY 7-13, 158 yds, 0/1, 8 yds rushing.

1st and 10, Eagles’ 40 YL, 5:28 2Q – Third time’s a charm as Jackson again stops/breaks back for the ball on the right side and Vince connects for nine yards. None of these are Aaron Rodgers lasers but Vince is throwing sideline routes with pretty good zip and authority and taking advantage of a big cushion on Jackson. VY 8-14, 187 yds, 0/1, 8 yds rushing.

1st and 10, Pats’ 29 YL, 4:22 2Q – Nifty play here – Vince does a boot/waggle to his right off play action then throws back left to Celek who’s breaking out about 20 yards downfield. Celek makes a leaping grab over the outstretched defender and falls forward to the five. Nice play by Celek, but Vince shows a lot of accuracy and touch dropping it right over the defender where Celek can make a play. VY 9-15, 211 yds, 0/1, 8 yds rushing.