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Adieu to the Aggies

OhHow will we ever replace that certain Aggie je ne sais quoi?

Like all of our recent opponents, A&M loaded up the edges of the box often putting 5 or 6 on the line and attacking our run game outside in. Their willingness to bring the blitz off the edge was a large part of the reason you didn't see more jet action in this game, it would have been begging for TFLs. The obvious counter is to use the quick game to punish the cheating corners and soft coverage. Several times we failed to get into the right play in the package and others we failed to make the play on the ball. Additionally, we lost some one-on-one battles, particularly on the interior of the offensive line. There were far too many instances in this game where we let the defensive linemen initiate contact rather than taking the block to them (on a down block that is a particularly bad sign). The threat of the running game is still creating a lot of opportunity for the offense but it remains to be seen if we can get enough clicking in the passing game to provide a semblance of counter-balance.

I only went through a handful of plays from the Aggie game to highlight some of the issues we had. I don't think anyone wants to relive every Three and Out.

This week against Baylor, I think we see more Malcolm Brown wildcat (I liked what I saw there). I also suspect that we'll see more misdirection in the running game because we know we need some big plays and Baylor's defense is not as disciplined as any of the last three. Since Baylor doesn't have the interior line strength that we have seen recently, if they load up the edge on the line they risk giving up 1-on-1 with their safeties far more often. I think the Power and Flex Outside zone will be there for us in this game and once we get them clicking, then the sweep game will come into play for us as well. The keys I'm watching for on offense are pre-snap recognition and better timing in the quick game from McCoy and a resurgent game in a limited role from Ash. One or two broken tackles from our wideouts in the quick game would also go a long way to helping the offense.

Good times. Enjoy.