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LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State

saban les miles

Want to toss this out as a way to get some discussion going because I am really ambivalent and want to see what everybody thinks.

I hate the BCS. Hate it. BrickHorn is three years late with his manifesto on why a college football playoff is such a scourge but we'll soldier on until he nails his screed to the front doors of Barking Carnival Worldwide HQ (Note: They are bullet-proof glass, bring some tape.).

It feels like LSU and Alabama are the two best teams. If they were playing anybody else and I had to bet the ranch, I'd bet on either of them.

They already played.

Had Bama gone into Baton Rouge and lost 9-6, I'd have more sympathy but Bama lost at home. Shouldn't somebody else get a try just to see if the match ups change things around? Remember when Ohio State beat Michigan in a 1 vs. 2? It was the last game of the season so Michigan didn't get the rematch for which many fans were clamoring. Urban's Gators were ready. Ohio State went down hard.

I know Ok State lost to Rhoads' Warriors and that's different than losing to the # 1 team.

Should Ok State get a shot or are we really seeing the two best teams? Can we be sure? And if we are, and Bama wins, do we go two outta three? Best of seven?

My prediction: Bama beats LSU. Bama gets the crystal football. LSU is awarded the AP # 1 (like USC the year that Saban whipped the Sooners and won the BCS at LSU). Gary Danielson proposes to Tim Tebow, SEC fans around the south explode in pigskin rapture and the Aggies unfurl an SEC BCS Championship banner at Kyle Field.

What a ridiculous system. What do you all think?