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2011 All-Big 12 Teams

From the Good Ship Beebe.

1st Team Offense
QB - Robert Griffin III - Baylor
RB - Terrance Ganaway - Baylor
RB - Henry Josey - Missouri
FB - Trey Millard - OU
WR - Kendall Wright - Baylor
WR - Ryan Broyles - OU
WR - Justin Blackmon - WR
TE - Michael Egnew - Missouri
OL - Philip Blake - Baylor
OL - Kelechi Osemele - Iowa State
OL - Clyde Aufner - Kansas State
OL - Gabe Ikard - OU
OL - Levy Adcock - Oklahoma State
OL - Grant Garner - Oklahoma State
KR/PR - Fozzy Whitaker - Texas

1st Team Defense
DL - Ray Kibble - Kansas State
DL - Frank Alexander - OU
DL - Ronnell Lewis - OU
DL - Jamie Blatnick - Oklahoma State
DL - Alex Okafor - Texas
LB - AJ Klein - Iowa State
LB - Arthur Brown - Kansas State
LB - Emmanuel Acho - Texas
DB - Nigel Malone - Kansas State
DB - Jamell Fleming - OU
DB - Brodrick Brown - Oklahoma State
DB - Markell Martin - Oklahoma State
DB - Kenny Vaccaro - Texas
P - Quinn Sharp - Oklahoma State

Defensive Freshman of the Year
Quandre Diggs - Texas

Defensive Newcomer of the Year
Arthur Brown - Kansas State

Offensive Newcomer of the Year
Aaron Horne - Iowa State

Co-Defensive Players of the Year
Frank Alexander - OU
AJ Klein - Iowa State

Offensive Player of the Year
Robert Griffin III - Baylor

Big 12 coach of the year
Bill Snyder - Kansas State

2nd Team Offense
QB - Brandon Weeden - Oklahoma State
RB - Joseph Randle - Oklahoma State
RB - Cyrus Gray - Texas A&M
FB - Kye Staley - Oklahoma State
WR - Kenny Stills - Oklahoma
WR - Josh Cooper - Oklahoma State
WR - Ryan Swope - Texas A&M
TE - James Hanna - Oklahoma
OL - Robert T. Griffin - Baylor
OL - Hayworth Hicks - Iowa State
OL - Jeremiah Hatch - Kansas
OL - Zach Hanson - Kansas State
OL - Luke Joeckel - Texas A&M
OL - LaAdrian Waddle - Texas Tech
PK - Randy Bullock - Texas A&M
KR/PR - Tyler Lockett - Kansas State

2nd Team Defense
DL - Nicolas Jean-Baptiste - Baylor
DL - Jacquies Smith - Missouri
DL - Jackson Jeffcoat - Texas
DL - Kheeston Randall - Texas
DL - Tony Jerod-Eddie - Texas A&M
LB - Jake Knott - Iowa State
LB - Travis Lewis - Oklahoma
LB - Keenan Robinson - Texas
DB - Leonard Johnson - Iowa State
DB - Tysyn Hartman - Kansas State
DB - E.J. Gaines - Missouri
DB - Demontre Hurst - Oklahoma
DB - Quandre Diggs - Texas
P - Trey Barrow - Missouri

Oklahoma has won the most major awards in the 16-year history of the Big 12 with 27. Texas is next with 23 winners, followed by Kansas State (19); Oklahoma State (12), Iowa State (8), Texas Tech (7), Kansas (6), Missouri (6), Texas A&M (5haha) and Baylor (3).

We're not ones for hyperboles, but leaving Carrington Byndom off the 1st team, let alone 2nd, is worse than VY's Heisman snub.

No Texas OL on first or second team might be an indication that we had poor OL evaluation and development since 2005 under Brown, Davis, and McWhorter. Have you considered this before?

Seven players on the Texas defense earned all-conference honors, one on special teams, and zero on offense. Sounds about right.

Kheeston Randle should have a quibble with Kibble being named first team ahead of him but this was a down year for interior DL.

After years of funneling elite sasquatch TEs into the NFL, that position all but disappeared with Egnew being the only legit all conference player. Hanna spent the first half of the season playing with his sisters. The mysterious drop at TE was offset by an elite crop of WRs and QBs that you will be drafting on fantasy rosters in short time. The RB class had good depth but few elite talents. Did anybody have Terrance Ganaway on any preseason lists? Didn't think so. Had anybody outside of Waco even heard of Terrance Ganaway before this year? Would we be sitting at 10-2 and playing in a BCS bowl if Brown & Bergeron don't get hurt? Why do injuries happen at all, Huckleberry?

I think it's a safe bet we see Byndom, Phillips, Shipley, Bergeron -or- Brown -or- Gray all make appearances on next year's list. Who's your sleeper to emerge in 2012?

Mykkele Thompson, imo.

Along with our offseason priority to find a quarterback, let's find a corn-fed punter that can boom the ball 60 yards in case we can't find the former.