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DeLoss Dodds on Big 12 Stability and Missouri Leaving

DeLoss Dodds told that the Big 12 "will make as much money as anyone," while also taking Missouri to task for jumping to the SEC.

Dodds went on the record for CBS columnist Dennis Dodd, and he said he is confident that despite the league losing four teams in the last two years, the next round of TV negotiations will see the Big 12 jump up to the top of the money list for conferences.

Live sporting events are currently the most coveted programming out there by the networks, and Dodds believes that the Big 12 will be very popular when the bidding starts in 2015.

Currently the league's contracts with ESPN and Fox brings in $14 million to $16 million a year. The Big 12 has a 13-year $1.3 Billion pact with Fox for the secondary rights that will start in 2012 and when the new network deal (probably with ESPN) is done, the current 10 teams can expect to get over $20 Million a year for their conference rights.

Dodds used the proposed numbers to take a shot at Missouri.

"Missouri said they're going to make more money in the SEC. They're not," said Dodds. "We're going to do our ABC/ESPN thing, and we're going to be making as much or more as the SEC."

That could be true -- at least until the SEC gets its network partners to renegotiate their $3 Billion deal that is currently in its 3rd year. The SEC is also expected to put together its own network for the third tier rights once A&M and Missouri are on board.

Dodds also said Missouri is wrong for claiming that uneven distribution of media rights was a reason for leaving the Big 12.

Dodds said that Texas had proposed Big 12 equal revenue distribution -- meaning more money for the conference's have-nots -- before Missouri made it an issue in leaving for the SEC.

"We proposed equal distribution before they ever left," Dodds said of Missouri. "We made the motion for network and cable stuff to be divided equally. That was done way before they decided to leave."

Dodds also reiterated that he is fine with the Big 12 staying at 10 teams, but that it is not a deal breaker for him.

I like the idea of not playing a championship game. I like the idea of playing everybody. I like the idea of splitting the TV money 10 ways, said Dodds. If I can be convinced or outvoted, that's the way to be [12 teams], it's not that big a deal."