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A GIFt from Jack - Week 2

Jack In The Box loves college football and GIFs that animate. We love Jack's tacos.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It's time to once again thank Jack for bringing us some joy through GIFs.

First, if you are not following the GIF DUEL 2012 being waged by @cuppycup of Good Bull Hunting and the legendary @LSUfreek of Internets, please do check that out post haste. The cup took round one.

I was going to use one of their offerings for this week's tribute to Jack's love of GIFs but after Bob's marauders rowed across the Red River and treated the Cotton Bowl like Lindisfarne, I have to stay with that theme. We're at a very interesting point in the history of Texas Longhorns football.

When the wheels first came off, we had a lovely girl who I think best expressed all of our emotions at watching the Longhorns falter. Staggering shock and bewilderment. All one could do was appeal to a higher power.


This time, however, things have gotten more serious. People are more angry.

Patience has worn thin.

We're laconic.


Yes. You have summed up my position completely.

Jack - Please help us. We need more than tacos.

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