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Mack's Monday Presser, Liveblog Style

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Mack takes the podium at 11 AM, central time. Hop in the Dreamwagon, strap on your Hello Kitty-themed safety helmet, and watch it live here. Or just follow the thread below. We promise to be Good Friends of the program. Pinky swear!

Some things to look for in today's PC:

  • "Baylor has the _______-best offense in the country."
  • "We had _______ explosive plays."
  • "Our defense made stops when it needed to." / "The defense made the plays it needed to win."
  • "Each of our players dedicated the game to a family member who survived cancer / AIDS / an orangutan attack / arthritis / the OU game."
  • "You know, Coach Royal once told me ____________."
  • "This is how it is now in the Big 12."

Executive summary -- we expect to get a whole lot of this: