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NCAA, What A Swell Bunch of Guys: Kabongo Gets 23-Game Suspension

The NCAA shows a little "mercy" just enough to basically put a knife in the regular season

Jamie Squire

So what do you know? The NCAA heard an appeal of the suspension of Soph guard Myck Kabongo from Texas and will let him play in all of 8 regular season games.

Kabongo accepted airfare to Cleveland and personal training instruction from an agent last May as he explored his worth in the NBA draft. The agent, Rich Paul, also handles former Longhorn Tristan Thompson. Kabongo didn't tell the truth the first time around when interviewed by the NCAA and reportedly was suspended for the entire year before hearing the appeal.

So basically the NCAA said, "We're gonna suspend you long enough to cripple the team, but then let you play enough to show off for the NBA scouts."

Great, just great.