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The Petey and LoMo Show

As you know, SB Nation has embarked upon a video adventure with Google / YouTube. You will see some of this in the not too distant future right here on Barking Carnival.

Aside: We are currently negotiating with HenryJames' SWAT team of agents to get him lensed in sepia tone drinking and debating the relative merits of a variety of craft beers from around the world. His last text was from De Groote Witte Arend...

At any rate, there's one series that I have really enjoyed watching.

<strong>The Petey and LoMo Show. </strong>

Two Miami Marlins bros down in Florida for Spring Training. I am a huge Bull Durham fan and a huge Ball Four fan and these cats carry on that tradition very well.

Baseball - so. much. downtime.

As they say, dominating boredom every day.

Do us a favor and be market research. Watch a few episodes and let me know if you like it.